Friday, March 6, 2015

Here's The Scoop

by Bruce Perry

My first job was working in an ice cream store.  They served hand dipped ice cream that was made right there in addition to homemade candies.  I worked there in the evenings after I got home from high school. Some of my friends worked there with me.  There was a jukebox in the corner that played three songs for a quarter.  I had unlimited access to ice cream and candy.  I wore a crisp white apron.  To this day it was the best job I’ve ever had!
It was a family owned business.  Two brothers owned the place and I worked for them.  They were old, had gray hair and were in charge.  I’m guessing they were in their late 50’s or so (about my age now!).  The point is, they were too old to be pals with us.  They were the bosses and we knew it.
One day I was making a sundae for a customer.  I had just dipped the vanilla ice cream into the dish.  Before I could add the topping, one of the brothers took the dish, walked it down to the candy section and put it on the scale to weigh it.  Without a word he brought it back and set it down in front of me and walked away.
I finished the sundae, gave it to the customer and that ended the transaction.  Except…I wanted to know what had happened on the scale.  Was I scooping out too much ice cream?  Frankly, the portion I dipped out looked rather generous.  Was it too much?  The owner never said.  In fact, it was never mentioned again.
The result of that brief scale episode was that I got angry.  If I gave too much ice cream, I wanted to know.  Even if I got into some kind of trouble, I wanted to know.  Of course, if I hadn’t put too much in the dish, I wanted to know that, too.  I wanted the vindication.  But it was not to be.  I still don’t know the answer.
Now I’m all grown up.  I live and work in God’s World.  A wonderful place full of things to discover and enjoy.
God’s World is a family business.  God is the boss and His Son works in the business with Him.  His Son does everything perfectly.  He smiles at the people who come and go from His presence.  He serves quickly and always gives full measure.  He is never late because He is always at work.
When I work with Him I never do things as well as He does.  But instead of feeling threatened by my not measuring up to His Standard, I am always encouraged and I have the Perfect Example to follow and learn from.
Sometimes I’m messy and I spill things on the white apron that I’ve been given.  Instead of having the stained apron get in the way of my relationship with The Son, He gives me a clean new apron whenever I ask for one.
I still wonder about that sundae perched on the scale.  Which was it?  Heavy, light or just right?  In God’s World, I don’t fear the scale.  As long as I work with The Son, He’ll make sure that through His Grace, I measure up.

So come into The Shoppe.  Be served by The Son.  Good things are being dished up and full measure is always given!